Love Potion #1

17 07 2009

So everyone else has Love Advice on there blogs. & So i decided i will give it a go too.

Love Tip Numero uno:: COMMUNICATION

Communication is the foundation of a healthy relatioship. What does that mean exactly? Talking about your feelings, (yes guys, theres that horrid word that you will learn to love, or atleast pretend too) telling eachother whats up, don’t keep it bottled in, let it out.

& To be a good communicator comes with being a good listener because if you want to be heard you have to hear out too.

 & when you are having these conversations make sure to reflect them later on, show your lover that you care enough to make what they want happen at the best of your ability.

Doing these simple tasks can lead to a trusting ,compassionate, well founded relationship.


Older Sibling and why, THEY SUCK!

17 07 2009

I have two older brothers, 16 and 18. Well only the 18 year old has his license and a car but the 16 year old doesn’t have either until next week but still can drive.. Well the 18 year old [[the type of guy who is without a doubt going to live in our moms basement for the rest of his life]] hates driving me anywhere or getting me anything. & I just wanted to say one thing.


Well the answer for your average 12-15 yearold is, YES!!  We ACTUALLY would LOVE to be able to run to Wal-Mart just to get a twisty straw and then to Subway and get a 5 dollar foot long and then drive anround all day!! BUT WE CAN’T. Wether we can drive or not we don’t have a license or a car to do so! I mean seriously OLDER SIBLINGS need to be nicer to their younger siblings because one day WE will be the ones picking out their nursing homes!! Really they should think of it as a privlage if you ask me.. 🙂

I Used to be Love Drunk but now I’m Hungover!

16 07 2009

the-ugly-truth-trailer~Boys Like Girls

I love this song, i heard it today and started jamming out to it with a paintbrush in my hand. Haha good times. Well anyways. Check it out.

I used to be love drunk
But now I’m hungover
I’ll love you forever
Forever is over
We used to kiss all night
Now it’s just a bar fight
So don’t call me crying
Say hello to goodbye

Hot sweat and blurry eyes
We’re spinning on a roller coaster ride
The world stuck in black and white
You drove me crazy every time we touched
But now I’m so broken that I can’t get up
Oh girl, you make me such a lush

All the time I wasted on you
All the bull you put me through
Checking into rehab is everything that we had
Didn’t mean a thing to you

Now it’s over
I still taste it on my tongue

Hapiness runs in a circular motion.

16 07 2009

hapinessThats why when i’m sad i run in a circle for 5 hours or until i feel better.



Im just kidding. I don’t really. But really if your in a bad/sad mood or whatever what do you do to get yourself out of that slump? Me personally, I normally ride my bike, listen to music or read my bible.


16 07 2009

michael_jackson_newstyle1So why is it that in May and before we were calling Michael Jackson a child molesting creeper who deserves to die and when he does die he’s the talk among everyone. “Poor Michael.” Hundreds of good people die everyday and yet all we talk about is this creeper and how sad it is that hes gone. Well, thats not hypocritical at all! Either your a fan from the beginning to the end or not a fan at all. Because saying you wish he were dead and a month later he dies and thats all you talk about and how much you loved him and how depressed you are? C’mon people. What about Farrah or Billy? I’m sorry, this topic needs to die down, im so sick of this boy toy plastic full of joy. Mkay. 🙂